About NavWorks Press

Empowering businesses to communicate with impact and reach business goals.

Promoting poetry and the writing arts in English worldwide.

NavWorks Press was founded by D.E. Navarro in February of 2000 with the vision of providing professional and personal writing services to clients and authors with a further vision of publishing great literature to promote poetry and the writing arts in English worldwide.

The vision was quickly expanded to include writing and poetry classes, workshops and forums as well as the Pride in Poetry Prize and publications.

Since 2000, NavWorks Press has published over 115 new poets from all over the world. Many of these poets went on to win other prestigious awards, publish books and works in other journals and anthologies, and to become poet laureates in their communities or states.

We have fulfilled hundreds of contracts for business plans, brochures, policy and procedure manuals, operating instructions, training plans, website content, business and finance articles, quality of life articles, blog content, non-fiction books, and more. We have also edited a dozen fiction novels and assisted with layout and design.

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We help clients publish professional, clean, impacting work that advances their business goals. We help authors and poets publish professional, clean, appealing books that deliver their message or story in a creative, intuitive, and relevant way consistent with all publishing industry standards.

We are very proud of the role we have played in launching or boosting the poetic and writing careers of talented individuals and providing them a stepping stone to further success.

NavWorks Press operates out of Tucson, Arizona. We invite you to inquire about our services. Fill out the form on the Contact Us page for more information.